Kalman Hram- Your safe place

We all have that street we grew up on. That park behind the building. That yard. That safe place to which we always gladly return in our minds. Today, we rush down boulevards, straight ahead and as fast as possible from point A to point B. We forget the side streets and safe havens. When we choose a home, we are choosing precisely that safe place. Others may prefer obvious paths, but you should always go your own way. Turn into that street because it is important to always have that safe place.
With a total of 24 residential units, the Kalman Hram building represents a truly modern, intimate, and luxurious sanctuary in the most charming part of Belgrade, in Borisava Pekića Street in Vračar. Designed primarily for residential purposes, it includes multiple three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments of various sizes (ranging from 65m2 to 148m2) and functionalities. Each apartment is designed with an emphasis on absolute functionality, excellent connectivity, and brightness of all rooms.
In addition to residential functionality and luxury, the building features a refined aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the immediate surroundings, both residential and public, including the Church of Saint Sava and the square in front of it.


The Kalman Hram residential building is located in an urbanistically valuable and significant area, making it essential to find the right visual and artistic solution for the facade treatment to ensure the building's representativeness and present it as a high-standard object for exclusive living. In the construction of the facade, three technically and technologically different but visually and texturally similar materials were used: natural stone Travertino Bianco, composite panels in the tone of Iron Corten, and natural concrete.

The open spaces include a system of rooftop gardens with greenery, vehicular and paved pedestrian surfaces. The entrance and hallways are modernly equipped with the highest quality finishes in stone and wood.

Having in mind that quality of life is not just about the comfort of living space, we have designed amenities that make life better and more fulfilling. Our residential building features a sports block with a 25 meter long swimming pool and a gym. These are ideal conditions for recreation and maintaining fitness in the peace of your own home. Imagine a hot summer day, you return from work, and all you need is to jump into the pool and swim. On weekend mornings, you don't need to pack a bag because the gym is right there, just a short elevator ride away

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