After successfully completing the construction project, we decided to design  a special concept of Spa center and apartment management, which will enrich this type of offer on Zlatibor mountain. 

The benefits of using spa have been known since the 18th century as a way in which Greeks and Romans came to prosperity and rehabilitated after long journeys.

In the last two decades, there has been an increase in the number of spa users, as evidenced by an increasing number of spa centers of different types. 

In addition to numerous physical benefits, the use of spa services, contributes to both psychological and mental relaxation and encouraging the well-being of the whole organism, bringing it into balance with nature.

In the beautiful surroundings of the mountain Zlatiobor, and within the complex Kalman Zlatibor Center in the facility 4, the most modern spa center is available to meet the criteria of the most demanding users.

Available spa facilities:

-Swimming pool
-Hydro massage bat
-Bio sauna

-Finnish sauna

Swimming pool - indoor 25m long- offers the possibility of a complete enjoyment for swimming and recreation lovers. Swimming engages all muscles of the body, which helps us to stay in better shape, to be healthy and satisfied with our weight. Water creates greater resistance than air, so we need to work 12 times more than during our regular exercise on dry. That's why swimming strengthens the muscles of the body, making us more durable, which helps fight the disease. Most people give up exercises because some exercises quickly get bored, but swimming almost does not have those problems. It cannot bother you, and its advantages are many.

Hydro massage bath- After a day filled with winter joys and staying on the snow, the Jacuzzi is one of the pleasures that you must afford to make the recovery of your muscles and the whole body complete. When you think of a hydro massage bath, the first thing that comes to your mind is a relaxing bath. Make sure you forget about all the worries and dive into hot water bubbles. A lot of people today suffer from stress, either because of work or some other life's failures. However, the hydro-massage bath has therapeutic properties that have a beneficial effect on stress. In addition, the hydro massage bath also helps with insomnia. If you dive into hot water for an hour and a half before sleeping, your indoor thermostat will lower your temperature and allow you to fall asleep more easily.

Another excellent effect of hydro massage bathtubs is to alleviate various types of pain. Those who suffer from arthritis or joint pain can alleviate the pain of hydrotherapy in the hydro-massage tub through increased circulation. This kind of therapy also helps with stretched muscles, sports injuries or back pain. Directing the swirling movement to a painful place and deep massage can significantly relax muscles. The whirlpool bath also alleviates menstrual pains.

Sauna - There are many reasons to be a sauna user:

-relax muscles

-eliminates toxins and stress

-cleans skin

-Enhances sleep

-Strengthens cardiovascular system

-it simply feels good


For those who strictly hold to their physical appearance, the gym is the right place for achieving the highest goals. With modern and carefully selected equipment as well as with professional advices from the trainer, you can easily reach the desired results.

For more information please visit www.kalamanapartmani.rs

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