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Apartment sales in Dedinje are now open. If you're looking for new construction in Dedinje, you're in the right place! The Kalman Dedinje complex offers apartments ranging from 22m² to 131m², from one-bedroom to five-bedroom units, each with maximized space and abundant natural light.

Large courtyard, smart solutions, underground garage, gym within the complex, renowned developer.
Kalman Dedinje is located in an ideal spot that offers everything. Your personal oasis of peace and security just 10 minutes from the city center.

New Construction in Dedinje - A New Place for Peaceful Living or an Excellent Investment

Through careful analysis of the new construction offerings in Dedinje, we recognized the need to offer smaller-sized apartments on this location, yet with enough bedrooms to suit family living. The tranquil environment makes this location particularly attractive to families moving from abroad and seeking a place to live. Buying an apartment in Dedinje is also a good decision from an investment perspective.

When choosing a location suitable for investment, it's important to note that the attractiveness of this area will increase in the coming years, and there will be a higher demand for available space. The benefits of living in an area without high-rise buildings and traffic congestion do not need much explanation. Now is the right time to choose your apartment in Dedinje. For more information, check out the available apartments or register your interest, and we will contact you shortly.




Kalman Dedinje Complex

The Kalman Dedinje complex spans 3,000 square meters and comprises two blocks with a total of 57 apartments and 74 garage spaces. Block 1 includes 26 apartments and 32 garage spaces, while Block 2 has 31 apartments and 42 garage spaces. Between the blocks, a courtyard of over 300 square meters will offer a unique experience for all family members. The Kalman Dedinje complex is designed with Block 1 accessible from Miloja Đaka Street and Block 2 from Miće Orlovića Street (formerly Omladinska Street). The access to two streets allows each block to function independently and without congestion, yet remain connected for the use of the large courtyard and other shared facilities. You can drive into the blocks through two-way ramps to your garage space on one of the underground floors, from where a short elevator ride takes you to your apartment. No stairs. Each apartment will have its smart system, including solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable. Instead of wasting time going to the gym, this form of recreation can be found in Block 2.

Dedinje Apartment Sales - What We Offer Buyers

Careful location selection, quality materials, and uncompromising quality are what we are known for. Our buildings always have distinctive elements on the façade, which will set them apart this time as well. Proud of the projects we have developed so far, we see new opportunities for progress ahead, which we will apply to the new construction project in Dedinje.

Buying an apartment in Dedinje with us looks like this:

1.Choose your ideal apartment by reviewing our offer on the website www.kalmandedinje.rs
2.Our sales colleagues will answer all questions and provide all essential information regarding the terms of apartment sales in Dedinje
3.Once everything is aligned, you can proceed to notarize the preliminary contract
4.Make the payment of the purchase price in installments, according to the agreed schedule
5.Follow the construction progress through our gallery on the page www.kalmandedinje.rs - gallery
6.Our sales team will notify you about the completion of construction
7.Make the final installment payment
8.Proceed to notarize the sales contract
9.Receive the keys to your apartment

Why Choosing an Apartment in Dedinje is a Good Decision

There are many reasons, but here are a few of the most important ones that can help you decide to choose an apartment in Dedinje. The hilly terrain of Dedinje and the proximity of several forests make this location a small oasis near the city.

On Miće Orlovića and Miloja Đaka streets, only the vehicles of those who live there pass, so the traffic noise is minimized. During the summer months, it is noticeably cooler here, leading to lower electricity bills. Most importantly, the nights are pleasantly cool, which is extremely important for comfort during the summer.

You might be wondering, what about winter? Large windows and many terraces in our complex will allow you to enjoy the view, while central heating, aluminum windows, and security doors will ensure you stay warm. Garage and parking will no longer be a problem; you will keep your car in a safe and secure place – in your own garage!

Your apartment in Dedinje is not only a great place to live but also an excellent investment. If you decide to rent out your apartment at some point, you will have excellent market conditions for it. So, if you are interested in buying property in Belgrade, an apartment in Dedinje is an excellent option. Kalman provides a great location, a complex with a small number of apartments, a large yard, and high-quality construction, ensuring that the property you choose will only increase in value for years to come.

Functionality plus quality along with comfort make our buyers happy clients!
Check out our offer of apartments in Dedinje and call us to agree on the best price.



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